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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

One person every 40 seconds die due to suicide (WHO 2016 report) and a major reason for suicide is depression or stress.

An incident happened some days ago, a young rising star commit suicide and he was getting treatment of depression from the past 6 months; it is not enough time for recovery from this decease?

That incident shocked me as It reminds some moment passed in my life and that’s why I am writing this to make people aware. Depression should be taken care of to save lives and bring happiness in society.

Depression can be understood as a feeling of unhappiness for a long time.

Common Symptoms of Depression could be insomnia, restless sleep, anxiety, fatigue, lack of emotional well-being, Lack of interest in life and life activities and change in appetite

Causes and Treatment of Depression:

Depression is not a physical illness but a mental illness and to understand the real cause and treatment of the depression, we need to understand humans first.

Being human, we have a desire to achieve more, not in the external world but also in the internal world. In the external world, we may want to achieve material fortune like money, home, family, respect, power, etc. But, in the internal world, we want to know our existence, we want to know who we are, our true potential, and to realize & connect with the energy we are part of.

Now a day, we, humans are running after the external world. We have a desire or expect something to happen in our life, sometimes from others, and some form ourselves, and when that desire or expectation is not being fulfilled, we got stressed. And any stress is being held for some time being the feeling of unhappiness, resulting in depression. We need to understand, that a desire or expectation could be related to your past because a desire or expectation either should be fulfilled or let go to overcome that stress or depression. Desire management is what we need to learn to eliminate the root cause of depression.

What we ignored in this whole picture is “the relation between the internal world and external world”. What we need to understand is that our external work is nothing more than a reflection of our internal world. When any desire or expectation not fulfill, we need to introspect our own self and not get stressed.

Spiritual strength removes all kinds of internal decease including depression. And spiritual strength comes from knowledge and understanding of our own self. Purity, patience, and perseverance play a vital role in the understanding of spirit. We are living three parallel worlds, physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Physical is external, intellectual is a medium like a bridge, and spiritual is internal. We need to use that bridge of intellect to bring harmony in the external and internal world to live a happy life.

Let’s spread this message to save lives and bring peace and harmony in society.

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