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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Patient self-control, restraint, and tolerance is the meaning of Forbearance.

Forbearance has been the strength of India. It is a result of long and consistent practices by our ancestors. We all have this quality within us but maybe most of us have forgotten the strength of forbearance.

Why do we need to practice forbearance?

It is easy to lose control over emotions.

It is easy to get angry.

It is easy to lose temper.

It is easy to react.

But the question we should ask ourselves is that is this easy thing also worthy?

Probably the answer is “No”, but why not?

We all have seen the situations in our life or the life of our near and dear ones, or our neighbor that how many times good relationships have been broken down by one moment of anger, how many times a businessmen lose his customer due to lack of self-control, how many times an employee did not get the promotion due to his or her intolerant behaviors and it may go on.

It made us clear that patient self-control is the need of the day and practicing self-control is a sign of knowledge. The long and patience efforts in self-control developed the state of mind called serenity.

The patient self-control and tolerance are the strength that may a human strong and calm person and a strong and calm person is always loved. Who will not love a person with a pure heart, a calm mind, and a balanced life? The more a person practice forbearance becomes more calm person, the more calm person achieve the more success, influence the more people, got the more power and that person use that success, influence, and power for good only.

But again, how to practice forbearance?

To begin, we need to understand, who we are?

What I have understood with the experience and knowledge, I am a spirit, have a body to live and a mind to use. A spirit cannot be dual or different from another spirit because the spirit is one that is the universal spirit that reflects different from the lens of ignorance and one from the lens of the knowledge. The next question arises that when the spirit is one then why we seem different, behave differently and have a difference of opinion. It is due to the different levels of consciousness. A less conscious person, limit everyone (including himself) to the body and see all are different. A mild conscious person, limit everyone with the thoughts and desires. Our thoughts and desires maybe alike thoughts and desires of other humans, therefore, he finds some people like him and others different. A high conscious person understands that we all are part of the same energy and will ultimately be united, so, he sees and treat everybody equally.

But the basic hurdle, we got in the practice of forbearance is a duality which put a veil of ignorance leading the idea that we all are different. (externally we are, but internally we all are equal).

Here it is the philosophy of Ekansh i.e. oneness come into the picture. When we got knowledge that we all are part of the one eternal energy, we see everybody equal to us, and with this equality leads us towards the path of forbearance. Knowledge is not just to know but know and acknowledge, acknowledgment is important.

Acknowledge this lesson and start practicing forbearance from right this moment.

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