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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The quality of being kind, tender, or mild manners, one word we can call Meekness.

Gentleness is the sign of spirituality within us, we all are spiritual beings, and being spiritual, we all are gentle and pure. Being gentle is not being week, only a strong person can be gentle. In India, we experience the kindness of the people at every step because we carry it from the day we born or maybe before that.

In our opinion, being gentle is being human. Being passionate is good but being compassionate is great. The gentler we become; the happier we feel.

Being gentle breaks the chain, the chain of anger which is becoming a part of life in modern days. Let’s understand it with an example, a day, an employer got angry on the employee for being late and that employee could not do anything but yes he pass that anger on to his staff and colleagues throughout the day and at the evening to his wife, now his wife also got upset and they had a fight over dinner resulting restless night for both. Here is the point, the next morning, that person woke up with the same upset mindset and he was late for his office again. In this way, it becomes a daily life routine and finally a habit of being angry, upset, and irritated person. Imagine, how better this situation could be, if the employer behaves with kind and gently, or the employee let all the anger go gently, or his wife becomes gentle to him and instead of getting upset could have a conversation with him kindly.

Imagine, how better relationships between humans could be with a simple practice of being meek.

We need to understand that being gentle is not an external quality only. Yes, externally qualities of gentleness like talking with a soft tone, treating a manager and a peon with the same kindness, or feeling compassionate for the people, etc. is wonderful but gentleness should come from within also, it is more wonderful and important. Talking with a soft tone and cursing from the within does not make a difference but ruin our character. And character is most precious for humans.

Gentleness is a quality, or we can say it is an art that can be learned as well with the practice of self-control and elimination of discrimination between the humans. Discrimination is good but it should not be a person from a person but good from bad, right from wrong, and truth from lie.

To practice self-control and elimination of discrimination, it is a prerequisite to know our true nature or true self. We should know who we are, I am following this journey to the self from years and maybe more than that, you are also heading to the same destination from years, let’s join the hands towards the goal and make this place more calm, kind, and pure.

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